At some point in our lives, we would have seen or come across people acting with a green screen photo booth behind them. But when we actually get to see the entire act on television, the background bursts into animation. And we’ve all wondered how that happens.

featured image source: hubmediacompany

The green screen plays an integral role in the addition of a special effects process called ChromaKey. This process lets television producers and movie directors use advanced technology to superimpose a virtual background of their choice behind the subject of the green screen. The green screen photo booth provides the editor with a solid background that can be easily removed by the usage of a software.

ChromaKeying which is also known as colour keying involves a process of choosing a single colour in the background and removing it to make the colour background transparent with the help of a software. Once the transparent background is achieved, the editor adds another image or animation like a weather map on the weather forecast that appears behind the weather news reader.

Another question that arises is why only choose a green colour for the screen? A green screen photo booth is used due to the colour contrast which most modern cameras are able to pick up and it gives the editor the clearest and cleanest possible image. Also, green is not a very popular colour for clothing and it becomes less likely to cause the embarrassing disappearance of clothes and floating heads. At one point of time blue colour was used, but it is a common dress and eye colour. Moreover green requires less light for illumination.

A reliable solution with a high degree capacity for camera chroma keying, the green screen photo booth allows for a stage that captures truly immersive live-streaming in a matter of seconds. It works in the tightest of places and assures a wrinkle-resistant surface. All that is required is lighting up, taking a seat and weaving out your creative magic.

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