When you’re hosting a grand event like a party or a brand campaign, you would it to become the talk of the town. For making this happen, you need an Instagram Hashtag printer which will be the mouthpiece for your event.

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Every party or campaign is filled with people clicking away pictures as a memory and living proof that they attended your impressive event. As your guests continue getting snapped, they organically capture the whole event that boasts of genuine user content.

These pictures are released by the guests on Instagram and Twitter with a unique hashtag that you keep for the event. In a matter of few seconds, the Instagram hashtag printer starts printing 2″x3″ Polaroid pictures as a keepsake for your family and friends.  It adds a fun and interactive element to brand campaigns and parties, motivating people to share more of their photos to receive a physical print.

Instagram Hashtag printers

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Instagram hashtag printer is a spectacular way to boost user-generated content and allows your audience to become guests to become a part of your event’s or brand’s promotion on social media making it a huge hit. The marvel of Instagram hashtag printer lies in its ability to extract content that your guests put on their social accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

The Instagram printer set up requires a computer/PC/Tablet, a printer that can print 4”X6” photos and a Hashtag printing software. If you have big plans of making your event or campaign successful, then we have just the right professionals who can fix Instagram Photo booths along with the Instagram hashtag printer. To discuss Instagram photobooth and hashtag printer rental share your queries here.

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