People search online for photo booth more than wedding DJs these days because wedding photo booth is a perfect addition to their celebrations making it more fun and exciting. People always crave for the most modern and hi-tech way of presenting themselves on social media rather than using the old-fashioned way of getting clicked. In an age of hashtag printers, green screens, Snapchat, and Instagram the idea of holding a traditional way of clicking photos and making memories has become completely outdated.

Photo booth props on rent

Advantages Of Photo Booth Machine

People want to do away with bad lighting and make use of Photo Booths that filter, beautify, fade and tilt-shift pics for free. Once the guests are satisfied with their pics using photo booth props, they take very little time to post it on social media with a common hashtag. Photo booths for corporate events, wedding photo booths, and birthday party photo booths have become the norm today appealing to the new generation.

Memory is what is left when event over

Px photo booth comes with a whole lot of perks with it ensuring top quality images with a DSLR. High definition photo booths look great and come with a facility where you can connect your photos directly to any kind of social media channel. You can also hire greenscreens from us. Each photo booth hire comes with an attendant, photo booth props, choice of a backdrop, and a hashtag printer. Another factor is that you get an instant hard copy of your photograph to gift your guest as a souvenir. All the best pictures of your guests are on their phones with a common hashtag of the party or event. Besides, there’s something special about having an actual printed photograph to take home. People who are looking for a selfie booth or a photo booth for corporate events can find highly customizable photo booths with us. We can popularize your party or event so well that more and more people would wish to become a part of it.

 Px Booth offers a modern twist to the traditional photo booth experience with a perfect amalgamation of classic, timeless and latest technologies offering style, fun, and quirky experience. Even if your friends and family have used many photo booths at their weddings or birthdays, graduation parties or any other event or occasion before, chances are that they’ve never seen anything like this.

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