A photo booth is incomplete without attractive photo booth props. The ideas for party props are endless. Whether it is a party or a wedding or adding life to meeting with friends, the photo booth props will ensure you have a gala time taking snaps.

For fun props, let’s start from the top- the props that can be worn on the head like a headgear! You can choose from a variety of selfie booth props or birthday party props options like a classy black top hat, princess crown and sash, Roman battle helmet, mickey mouse or bunny ears, straw hat, halo, sailor hat or cat ears (meow), and the list goes on. Now you have a solid list for headgears to buy or make yourself!

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At a lot of parties, people like to wear masks to hide their identity. For this, there are a plethora of options for Face gear! Big geeky glasses, animal ears, and noses, moustache with nose and eyebrow mask, tons of sunglasses, bandanas for women, fake beards, animal masks, Batman mask or beer goggles. There are so many possibilities so you can be as creative with photo booth props as you want.

Now let us come to the hands! Hulk hands or boxing gloves would be really cool items for interesting photos and it will keep your guests entertained. You can choose from the following list as your birthday party props or wedding photo booth props.  Fake Mustache on Stick, Dry Erase Speech Bubble, Guitars & saxophones, Plastic Ball and Chain, Big Lollipop, floral bracelets, vintage gloves or empty Champagne bottles. This ensures a thoroughly enjoyable time for your friend circle.

HERE is where it gets interesting! You can never have too many accessories. Just about anything can be used as such. Chalk Board for Messages, Gladiator Body Armor, Large Antique Frame, Fake Torches, Cardboard Cutouts, Blowup Animals, Giant Snowflakes. There’s so much that one can do with them as they pose in front of the photo booth.

Now if people are still confused about photo booth props, the best thing to do is to use absolutely any item that can be lifted easily as a prop. It could be a bottle of coke, a glass of beer, a chicken leg or a piece of cake being eaten in front of the photo booth.

Photo booth props have become a very common trend at parties because it allows your guests to snap a wonderful and colorful memory of your party or event. Send us your inquiries here for arranging and setting the photo booth with props professionally.

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